My Student's Mom

I'm a second grade teacher, married, and was forty years old then. It started two years ago. One of my student's moms came over to discuss her son's behavior. This was the first time we had met. She looks beautiful, by the way. We were on our second month of school. We talked about her son, and toward our end of our conversation, she asked me how old I was. I told her I was forty years old. She told me she thought I was around twenty-five to twenty-eight years old. She game me her number and told me to call her just in case her son misbehaved in the room. Months went by, and I didn't call her. My student asked me if I could give him my cell number because his mom wanted to call me to invite me to his birthday party. I did. A week after, she calls me. We talk, and she revealed what she felt for me. She told me to please come to her house while her husband was a work (he had two jobs and was hardly at home). At her house, she told me she wanted to kiss me. I refused for a moment, but I could refuse no longer. We kissed fervently. We didn't want to stop. She told me that that was the most passionate kiss she had ever had in her life. I left her house, but I just couldn't stop thinking about her. I wanted to go down on her and give her what I knew ho to do best; I wanted to give her oral sex. The following week, she came to my room one hour after school. She told me she wanted to do it right there and then. I couldn't wait. I made sure no one showed up in the room. We had sex in my classroom. We did it a few more times in the room. I went to her house while her husband was at work, and we had the greatest sex ever. I give her oral and she loved it. She gave me oral, and I loved it. We made love that day like there was no tomorrow. Two year has passed by and we still see each other to have fervent sex. She keeps telling me that she had been married for eight years and didn't know sex was this good!

— Lyle, 42

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