What Do We Have Here?

My girlfriend came over the other night to watch the hockey game with me. We are both big hockey fans. The game was over, and I headed to the kitchen to make some Mac-n-Cheese to take to work with me on third shift. I am in the kitchen stirring the noodles when she comes in and says, "Ya know, you really have beautiful eyes." I looked at her, and of course she was her adorable self as always. I walked over and gave her a big hug. Next thing I know, she jumps up, her legs are wrapped around me, and she is slowly grinding on me. As she is moving over my sudden growth, she says, "What do we have here?" That was the only hint I needed. I put her up on the counter. I worked on her neck as my hand reached around and effortlessly undid her bra. I slipped her out of her shirt and began to enjoy those succulent breasts as I had so many times before. Just then I realized my noodles were boiling over. I take them off, drain them, and carry her patiently-waiting self back to the bedroom. I continue to enjoy her sweet body as she slips me out of my clothes and runs her hands over me. I reach down to try to slip her out of her pants, but I can't find the zipper. I can't find a button. She laughs and says, "What seems to be the problem? Need some help?" Here they unzip on the sides. After a little laughing, we go back to work. My hands and mouth explore that hot body of hers that I can never seem to get enough of. I feel her hot mouth tasting me, and realize I just have to have her, enough playing. As usual, it is some of the most incredible sex I have ever had. As we climax together, I truly believe we were sexually made for each other.

— Barry, 39

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