Wanted One, Got Another

I was separated from my wife and was hanging out with this girl, Jen, who was just a friend, or at least that is all I wanted. We went to a street dance in a neighboring town and had a good time. There was a fair amount of alcohol involved, and I was hitting on this other woman that I had the hots for. Her name was Judith. She was there with her husband. I knew that their marriage was in trouble. Judith and I danced a little and talked for a while, and then Jen asked me to dance. The beer was taking over, and we started to kiss on the dance floor. I looked up to see Judith and her husband leaving (oh what an ass that girl has). Judith was looking over her shoulder at me as if to say, "I don't want to go." I had had enough to drink by now and told Jen we had to go. We had her car, so I stopped at my house to get out. Here comes a car driven by a girl that I had very briefly dated in high school. Her name was Misty. Somehow Jen's keys got locked in her car. I was able to pry the door out enough for Misty to unlock the door. Somehow in the process, Misty cut her arm and was bleeding a little. So, I told her to come in and I would clean it up for her before I went to bed. I thanked Jen for a nice evening and give her a peck and said I would call her tomorrow. I took Misty in and cleaned up her arm. I then told her to hold on a minute while I changed my clothes and we would talk a few minutes. After I changed, we talked a minute. Then she said, "Are we going to talk or have sex?" I picked her up and carried her to my bed. I gave her oral, and we then proceeded to have mind-blowing sex in several positions until we were both spent. After a few hours of sleep, she woke me to say that her husband would be home soon and she had better go. She then gave me oral one last time. She got up, got dressed, and left. As for Judith, she and I are now married.

— Eric, 38

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