Older Sister Was A Great Teacher

My neighbor has been hitting on me for a couple of years now. I think in his fifty's, or so. I knew he was gay, so I use to call him on the phone and jack off while talking to him. He did not know who it was at the time, but loved to talk to me anyway. He later found out that it was me. He said, "I now know it's you calling me and I can't wait to make love to you." I was so nervous, but took off running. He was close to my parents and knew they would be gone for the weekend. He knocked on the door, then just came right in and took off all his clothes. I was so nervous and aroused when I saw his penis. He said, "Now, instead of you just jacking off on the phone, we are going to do the real thing." He made me take off all my clothes and start giving him oral. I remember when he turned me around he wiped my ass with a gel of some kind. He screwed me like he was getting revenge for not knowing who it was calling him all this time. It took him maybe three minutes to cum inside me. He said he was not pulling out. I don't know how, but I came at the same time he did and I never touched myself once. It was the best cum I ever had. He made me walk around naked for next couple of hours, and then screwed me again; this time it was longer. He did not just screw doggy style; he actually made love to me. The only thing I did not like was he came on my face this time; this man can cum a ton. I remember it was still leaking out of me from the first time. I did not cum the same like the first time we had sex. He made me jack off on his side while we were in bed. That was no problem. This man calls me his little sex bitch. He knows I would never want my parents to find out I am gay, so he has sex with me whenever he wants. And, only with him. I can't wait for this weekend. I love to walk around after sex with his come leaking out of my ass. It's a big turn on for me. Now, I even like when he comes on my face. Do most men come this much at a time? My face is so wet when he is finished.

— Luke, 39

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