I Miss Carlita

Up until last year, I'd never had any doubt that I was straight, never having any desires for men. I have long been using anal sex toys, which felt really nice. It started to occur to me that it might be quite nice to experience a real, hard penis in my anus instead. I got my chance when I became friendly with a guy whom I discovered was bi-sexual. One day at my house, I told him of my fantasy. He said he'd be only too pleased to help me out, but I'd have to make him erect first. So we took off our clothes and lay on the bed. I started to play with his cock, rolling his foreskin back and tickling the glans with a finger, and his penis quickly became a huge seven to eight inch tower of power, fully erect. I couldn't resist licking the shaft of it and I took his bell end into my mouth and started to suck it while I pumped the shaft with my hand. A clear bead of tangy liquid seeped out; it tasted delicious! I tilted my head back so I could take virtually the entire length of his cock down my throat, sucking all the while. I felt his cock contract violently several times as it spat the contents of his balls into my mouth. The thick, milky, salty semen tasted not too bad, so I drank it down greedily. An hour or so later, I asked him if he would have sex with me anally. He agreed readily, so again, I got him erect by sucking his penis. Then, after applying some lube inside my anus, I knelt on the bed with my legs wide open. He approached me from behind, his huge cock sticking out like a flag pole! He parted the cheeks of my bottom with a hand and guided just the swollen purple head of his manhood inside my bum with the other. It felt warm, unlike the dildo that I'm used to, and I relaxed my sphincter muscle to allow him to slide more and more of his hard cock inside my hungry anus until it was all inside me. I gripped it hard, feeling it throb and pulse inside me. It felt so nice; I swear I had an anal orgasm! He started to pump it in and out of me, harder and harder, faster and faster, his balls slapping wetly against mine. Then, I felt it contract inside me, making my anal canal even wetter as he ejaculated a copious amount of semen deep inside my anus. Since then, I have sucked him off a few times and been fucked by him, but no way could I ever give him anal sex, and absolutely no kissing! Am I gay or not?

— Terrence, 35

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