Love The Frills

I have been married for over twenty years. Over time, the sex has gotten a bit dull. I have enjoyed wearing women's underwear ever since I was in my teens. I used to sneak my sister's panties and nylons from her room and wear them at home alone. Lately, I've been wearing my wife's lingerie around the house (I work at home), and recently, she caught me. Surprisingly, she didn't freak out. Instead, she said it made her hot to see me wearing her thigh-high black nylons, sexy lacey panties, and camisole tops. That first time she caught me, we made love while I had on her things, and it was the best in quite a while. Since then, she asks me to dress for her often, and we have very hot sex. I love being able to act out my fantasies with her, and she says it is especially exciting for her to see me in her sexy stuff. She even asks me to masturbate for her while in her lingerie. She joins me, bringing herself to climax while watching me. The sex has been better than ever. Now that we both know we are kinkier than we knew, we are going to expand our horizons and try other fantasies.

— Josiah, 45

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