Shy Wife Swaps

My wife and I had talked about swapping partners a few times, but she is very shy. She would never openly agree to it or even talk about it much except to say that she would have to be drunk or something. We went on vacation with another couple a few years ago. We both were short on money at the time, so we agreed to share a hotel room. We have been friends for several years. My wife had a very tight, petite body, and I was in pretty good shape myself. The other couple was also very attractive, and I could tell that we were attracted to each other's spouses. While out on the town, my buddy asked if we'd ever thought about swapping. I said yes but my wife wasn't real willing. He said that they'd like to. After going to the restroom, my wife said that her friend has asked her the same thing. She didn't say no and didn't act reluctant, but I knew she wasn't encouraging it either. We had all been drinking and were pretty high by the time we got back to the room. The girls got into bed first, and we walked down to the lobby for a snack. My buddy asked again, and we came up with a plan. We would go into the dark room, undress, and "accidentally" get into the wrong bed. We could at least get a few feels before one of them stopped it. I worked quickly, expecting my wife to stop it at any second. I wrapped my arms around my buddy's wife and put my hand on her chest. I pressed myself into her, and she responded. I had turned her over and started to undress her when I heard moans from the other bed. In the dim light, I could make out my buddy's form as he made love to my wife. She began going wild, and we soon joined the action on the other bed. It turns out that both of them knew who we were and were fine with it. We swapped for the entire stay and even did it during the day. That was a very exciting weekend. We still get together occasionally.

— Brett, 42

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