Amazing Gay Love/Sex

I'm a thirty-five-year-old man who has a wife and two kids. Ever since I was about sixteen, I started to get horny around men, especially in locker rooms or when I slept over at friends' houses. Last month, I was outside mowing my lawn only wearing shorts when my neighbor, Germane, passed by. He was wearing little running shorts and no shirt. He saw me staring at him. He ran on, and I thought nothing more about it. Later that night, he called and invited me up to watch the game. So, I told my wife where I was going and walked up the street. I noticed his wife's car was not there. When I rang the bell, he answered the door naked and erect. I was so turned on. We ended up having sex through the entire game and for two hours afterward. Ever since then, we have been hooking up at my house, at motels, and in nature spots. I am really starting to care for him. Yesterday, he told me he thought he was falling in love with me. The funny thing about this situation is that he was my first gay sex and I was his. It's absolutely amazing!

— Cal, 35

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