The Thrill Factor

My confession is that I think I'm addicted to sex with married women. I'm twenty-eight years old, tall, lean and athletic. I've never had any trouble getting laid, but I can't stop going after married women. The thrill factor is incredible, and there's never any commitment needed. Plus, I get so turned on at the reality that I'm physically giving them what their husbands can't. Most of these women have been the bored housewife type, sexy, and a few years older than me. It didn't take much effort to get between their legs, but some of them I had to seduce. It started when I was twenty-one and my soccer coach's thirty-nine-year-old wife came on to me. The whole thing was so forbidden I couldn't help but do it. Then, I had an affair with an acquaintance's wife. It ended when she got pregnant with my child. To this day, her husband doesn't know that his son is really mine. After that, I helped my friend coach a youth league soccer team and I slept with two soccer moms that summer. Two years ago, I met a woman at my gym. I got close to her after she confided in me how she wasn't being satisfied at home anymore. We began an intense sexual relationship. And for the past several months, I've been sleeping with a woman I work with who is nine years older than me, married, and has two kids. The whole time, I've carried on relationships with other women and had numerous one-night stands. But none of it seems to compare to mowing another guy's lawn.

— Martin, 28

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