Fondling Wife Secretly

When in her teens, Liz was my girlfriend. Back then, my now thirty-seven-year-old wife was not allowed to visit alone with me. At least one of her siblings or parents had to stay with us. I used to visit with her at her home's family room. There was a TV set towards an end and a couch facing the TV barely three feet apart where we used to sit. Behind the couch there was a small living room set with two chairs and a center table from where her mom used to chaperone for us. Obviously, we were not able to kiss. So, we tried our best fondling each other through our pants. One day when her mom went to the kitchen, Liz went to her room and changed her jeans for a loose, upper-knee-high, white, slightly see-through cotton skirt. At that time, she was so in shape or my hormones were so present that just noticing her undies in that skirt made me get very excited. She came back from her room before her mom returned from the kitchen. Once her mom was back on her chair, Liz took my hand and slid it between her thighs. I was terrified. She opened her legs wider. I controlled myself and began fondling through her panties and then underneath them. It ended up continuing until we both completed. It was really exciting doing it in front of her mom without her noticing. We got to master the technique. Once when swimming in her uncle's pool, we pretended we were just talking but while under the water we were actually messing around. We used to do the same while swinging in a hammock. During those times, we had to do it for necessity. Nowadays, we still do it but just for fun. For example, we do it in the movies, in restaurants or while watching a movie at home with friends.

— Lombardo, 41

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