Pleasing Mother-In-Law

My wife is very close to her mother and is in daily contact with her. My mother-in-law is a widow of five years and is very, very attractive. She is approximately forty-two years of age. Apparently, she told my wife that she was very down and missed a man about the house and all that it implies. My wife suggested, while we were in bed, that on her two nights at the gym I should visit her mother and keep her company, and anything else she suggested. I knew that her mother was okay with this, so I agreed, as I had many sexual fantasies about her mother in the past. The next evening, I called on her mother. When she opened the door, she had just come out of the shower wearing only a bathrobe, which was loosely tied. I sat on the couch, she sat opposite, and she made it obvious that I was to see as much of her as possible as her bathrobe fell to the side of her legs. I led her into the bedroom where I performed oral sex on her. Eventually, we went to bed and had great sex which lasted several hours. The next morning, I told my wife what had happened. She said she knew as her mother had already phoned her. She told me that her mother would like a video of me and her having sex so that she could play it when she felt down. My wife agreed to take the video on the understanding I didn't hold anything back. After giving her mother a kiss and a hug, we went to the bedroom where I undressed her slowly and laid her on the bed. I kissed her whole body at the same time feeling every part. I gave her oral sex until she was groaning. When I eventually had full sex with her, she had an orgasm almost immediately. We have watched the video a number of times, and each time I satisfy myself with my mother-in-law. What surprised me was how my wife encouraged it without feeling jealous. Needless to say, her mum and I are taking advantage of the situation to the point that when her mum comes for dinner, we go into the bedroom and have it off.

— Cole, 22

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