Movie Date with Friends

When I was a teenager, I went to the movies with my boyfriend of the time. He asked me what movie I wanted to see, and that that's what we'd be seeing. He "wanted to spend the night with just me." Well, I showed up on time because we couldn't drive yet. He showed up 45 minutes late with three 7th grade buddies. He bought his ticket and made me pay for mine, and then waited in the snack line for 20 minutes and bought a ton of food. We finally got in the theater and he spent the movie throwing candy at people. After the show, he took off with his friends because "his ride came." It was 11:00 and I was only 14. When my mom came I had to make up this huge story to cover up for his immaturity. And then he has the nerve to break up with me the next day (by a note) before I can do it to his face.

— Sydney, 28

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