Internet Blind Date Goes Wrong

First of all, I hate blind dates but decided to give this one a chance. I had talked to this guy off the internet for about 2 months before I got enough nerve to give him my phone number. So we had talked a few times and he asked me out on a date. I had seen an emailed picture of him and he told me that he looked different now (he was not that attractive looking to begin with so I thought that maybe he would look some-what better). I met him at Starbucks where he then took me to eat dinner. He looked exactly like his picture and lied to me about his height-he said he was 6'1' and he was 5'9" and also about his weight, he said he was 185 lbs. and he only weighed like 150 lbs.- total turn off since I like tall, bigger guys. So anyways, when we got to the restaurant he asked me to if I wanted a drink, I told him that I did and then ended up paying for my dinner and my drink when we got the bill!!! I was really starting to get irritated with this guy. He then want to go to Universal City walk to walk around and look through some stores but I just told him to take me home because I was really tired. A few days later I had seen him online and we were talking about the date. I had told him that I didn't find him attractive and he told me that I have a very nice body but that I need to do something about the acne on my face. I was really upset after he told me that and never spoke to him again. A few months had gone by and he IMed me in a chat room. I asked for his picture and boy did he feel stupid when I told him who I was and he was trying to "pick-up" on me again!

— Terry, 22

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