True Disaster Of A Date

My date that was a disaster started out with him asking me out. After I said yes, he told me he was low on money, so could I pay? It was a bad sign, but I had already said yes, so I told him I would cook instead. He arrived an hour late and smelled of alcohol. He ate the food I had prepared with appalling manners, and then burped loudly. After that, he sat on the couch and grabbed the remote control. Getting bored, I went and cleaned up the kitchen. When I returned, he had on some adult channel (which he had rented on my account) and was "doing himself" on the couch as he watched. That was just too much. I thought I would gag. I told him to get out, but he told me he knew I really wanted to do what they were doing on the TV screen. He stood up exposing himself and smiling this creepy grin. I told him to get out or I would call the police, and then I pushed him towards the door. He left saying he would call me. I changed my phone number the next day!

— Marcie, 34

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