Mailman with a Strange Delivery

I had just recently broke up with my boyfriend and moved back into my Mothers' house. After a few weeks I decided that I needed to keep my eye open for a decent man, with a decent job, and a decent personality. I found it a couple days later when I went to get the mail. I thought the mail had already ran, but the mailman was just putting it in the box. I glanced at him for a moment and was INTRIGUED by his gorgeous blue eyes and fit body. The next day I put a note in the mail box for him saying I thought he was sexy and if he WASN'T married to call. Low and behold he called a few days later to my surprise. We went out a few times during the week and he asked if he could ask a personal question. I'm pretty open minded to all sorts of things, but this knocked me off the barstool and sent me running. He asked if I would take a picture of him because he was interested in someone online and they wanted a picture. I said "Sure, where do you want to take it at?" He said in my bedroom. I thought for a second and I guess I looked confused because then he said,"It has to be private because I want a fully nude picture on the internet"!!! I thought I was open minded, but that sent me running and wondering how well I know myself as well as those I hang out with. Needless to say, he's not my mailman anymore and when I see him, he turns red and runs the other way. I don't know who's more embarassed, him or me.

— Becky, 24

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