Dating Bozo

This was a blind date I went on a few years ago. He seemed to be intelligent and funny; dinner went very well, and we decided to take a walk on the warm summer night afterwards. As we were talking, he mentioned he had a dream he wanted to pursue, but felt he wanted to find that special someone first, so they could do the dream together. I thought that was sweet and asked him what it was. He immediately started leaping around and making odd sounds. I was at a loss until he said, "Well, it works better with the floppy shoes and bright red wig. I want to be a clown in a circus!" Okay, not my dream, but I was willing to understand that this seemed to be something he really wanted. Then, he began telling me that the circus would have lots of work for me to do as well, like cleaning out the animal cages. I didn't need any talent at all. We would live in a trailer or railcar, and travel the country without ever having a home, per se, other than the circus. I gently explained to him that it wasn't for me and I didn't have dreams that included joining the circus. He got up from the bench we had been sitting on, called me a "clown hater" in a very loud voice, then began yelling at me about how the circus was the only life worth living and I was an idiot not to see that. After his very public tirade, he stormed off. Thankfully, I had my own car and just got out of there. I never heard from him again, which I count as one of my blessings in life.

— Maria, 34

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