The Secret Video

Once I was on this date with a pretty cute guy. He asked me if I would like to go out on a picnic at night. I was pretty excited because I love picnics and right away said yes! I only had known this guy from school and other than his name I didn't know anything about him! So he took me in his car and stopped at a beautiful place where the stars where SO bright and he spread out a blanket for us to sit on. Then he got out some food that we packed. When he took it out he had all of these names for each piece of food. He took out chicken salad and called it Phillip. Then he took out 2 salami sandwiches and called one Jessica and one Henry. Then he brought out a pitcher of lemonade and said it was his Honey Dew. He wanted me to have the sandwich and then give him a kiss. I decided to pass on the sandwich and the kiss, but he told me I would have to walk home if I didn't kiss him. So, I gave in because I didn't know how to get home. When I got into the car, another guy got in the car and I found out he had videotaped the kiss. The next day, I found out the kiss was all over the internet and all my friends knew about it.

— Janet, 19

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