But, Mom is Happy!

I have known this guy for 12 years when all of the sudden he was serious about me. I thought he was cute and decided to give him a chance. He came over to my house a couple of times and asked me out for a dinner. Everything was going well, until he started to propose to me and stated that his mother thought that I was a good girl and that he should not miss a chance with me. He asked if I was willing to marry him. He never told me that he loved me, but he did say that his mama thought that I was good. I told him to take me home and then called him and stated that there is no way that anything would work out with us. Later on, he came over with roses and asked what he had done wrong. I told him that he had done nothing wrong; it's just that I don't think that we can make it. His mother also called and asked what happened. I told her that every thing is cool, but it's just that we are too different to be together. I want someone who is romantic, has a mind of his own, and so on.

— Faith, 25

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