Telephone Talk

I work at a law firm answering the switchboard; one of the secretaries got a call regularly from a guy with a familiar name. One day I asked if it was the same person that I knew of and sure enough, it was. We started talking regularly and it was quite enjoyable. He kept trying to get me to meet him in person, but I wasn't ready for that. Plus I was afraid that if he didn't like me in person, we'd never talk on the phone again and I knew I'd miss that. Trying to prevent this from happening, I sent him a picture of myself, thinking that if he didn't like my looks, he'd just stop asking me to meet him. Well, he didn't. Finally, about 3-4 weeks into our phone friendship, he called to say he was in the vicinity of my job and wanted me to come out and meet him. I was so nervous, I was sick (I hate surprises!). Against my better judgment, I went down to meet him. As time went along, I became more at ease and it seemed to be going ok. Soon, it was time for me to go back to work. Later that day he called 3 times to say that he wasn't disappointed and that he'd call me later. Later never came. A couple days later, I called him and left a message. No call back. A few days later, I called him again. This time, he said he was in a meeting and asked me to call him later. I called him later but he never picked up. I know he knew it was me because he has caller ID. I guess I'm a little slow to get the point (based on the info I was given), but I guess he doesn't want to talk to me anymore. I'm not sure if he thought I was grossly ugly or if my nervousness disturbed him; I don't know what to think!

— Renee, 29

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