The Cross Dresser

I was out for tea one night with a friend and there was a guy dancing next to us on the dance floor near by. He was giving me the eye all night, so I decided to go up and dance with him after I had finished eating. After a while he asked for my number, so stupid me gave him my number (home and mobile). After the night came to an end, I started to realize that this guy was a total freak because he told me he liked wearing his ex-girlfriends nickers and bras. He also said he is a private person that DOES NOT like sharing his nickers and bras with anyone. Thinking about him having my number scared me. The next day, when I got home from work, I had 15 messages on my home phone and 9 on my mobile phone. I didn't answer back to any of them and, not only did I have to change my home phone number, but my mobile number also.

— Roseanne, 22

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