Loaning Money

I made the dumb mistake of loaning money to the fellow I was seeing. But, on the good side, I was smart enough to have him sign a contract for making the payments. Eventually things went sour. He started seeing a married woman. He moved in with her while she was splitting up with her husband. I took him to court for the money owed to me. He came into court with forged receipts saying he paid me in full. That was all a lie and a very big mistake on his part. I called the sheriff's department and showed them the evidence. I went through handwriting analysis to prove his forgeries. He eventually pled guilty and had to serve time in jail. He is now a now a convicted felon. His new girlfriend put a second mortgage on her property to pay off the loan to me, pay his lawyer, his court costs, and his fines. They are now married. She is supporting him and paying for his education. He does not work. His new wife is the loser. Maybe she will some day be writing about her disaster with him also.

— Jane, 31

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