The Walking Date

A friend had set me with this guy, so I took the chance. He picked me up at work and we were to decide what to do at that point. We both were kind of hungry, so we walked to the village for dinner. He looked in five places and told me that there was no one in there, so we could not eat there. We wound up in Pizza Uno place. He left to go to the bathroom, thinking I was going to pay the bill. But, he had to pay it. Then, we were going to the movies, but instead we walked around Washington Square Park five times and walked inside the park three times. He even told me the park is better when all the homeless people are out. The worst part was that he kept singing to himself and asked me if I knew the words. We never made it to the movies and I told him to have a nice life and that I hope he finds a girl that knows all the words to his songs. I never trusted this friend again with set ups.

— Trudy, 27

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