Broken Nose

I had been going out with my boyfriend for about two weeks, when he called me and wanted me to meet him at his friend's house. So I went and he was being a butthead, because I wouldn't give him oral sex in front of his friends. He called another girl right in front of me and asked her to meet him at the movies. I was so pissed, I took him around the corner where we could kind of talk in private and he told me he was using me. I called him a name. Then, I called my guy friend Mark to come and pick me up. When he got there he saw I was upset and realized what had happened. So he walked up to my ex-boyfriend (now) and told him off. Then my ex backed away, tripped, and broke his nose when he fell. It was great! Mark and I have been together ever since!

— Marlene, 22

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