He Preferred Himself

After dating a middle-aged guy who seemed to have many areas of selfishness for a short while, he kept "pressing" me to do the wild thing. Wishing to wait, but feeling quite "pushed" to put out, I gave in. Well, not wanting to be judgmental, I didn't express the dissatisfaction of his performance, hoping it may improve with practice (it had been 7+ yrs since his marriage had ended). But, after a few times of the romp, it wasn't happening at all. Tired of hearing excuses, I stopped asking, but we still spent time together. One day, I happened to get home early (by this time we were hanging at each other's pad--we always chose mine; because he was a slob) and low and behold, I "caught him in the act". The worst of it was … it was with himself! He had the "balls" to scream and blame me for "coming home to my house" too early, before he could finish. Nevertheless, I had discovered the problem and left it behind. I decided I needed a man who enjoyed a woman.

— Peg, 32

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