Crash Date

After recently moving, I was asked out by this guy I had been speaking with via AOL messaging. We spoke for about 6 months prior to our meeting. Well, he picked me up and we went out to shoot some pool. After we were done, we were driving back and he took a wrong turn. He was speeding down a dead-end road leading into a gated entrance to an Air Force Base. He quickly turned and crashed into a tree. I injured my leg and was unable to walk; he said he would get help and left. Three hours went by and no sign of help or him. Luckily, some passerby's saw me and called an ambulance. Seems that my date decided to call AAA first and have a few drinks while waiting for a tow truck at a bar down the road, instead of calling an ambulance. Well, while I was at the emergency room, he strolled in like nothing happened. He then proceeded to try and kiss me and ask me out for a second date!

— Sheila, 23

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