He Got a Surprise

I was on a date with this guy and we were kissing in the back of his white Bronco (I know, it kind of freaked me out too), when all of a sudden I felt my thong going up the wrong end. I decided to ignore it. But then it became unbearable, so I had to sexily reach down and "accidentally" brush against him so he thought that was my purpose down there as I relieved myself. But, I felt something else … I had started my period way early. He got the impression I was pleasuring myself, so he said, "Let me help you," and reached down into my panties. I was trying to back away very casually, like nothing was wrong, because I really liked this guy. I didn't want him to dislike me. But he got down there and gave me the most disgusting look, then jumped out of his Bronco and threw up everywhere. I was so embarrassed. He took me home immediately and never called.

— Cheryl, 25

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