Date in a Bar

A woman I worked with asked me to go to a bar with her that her boyfriend went to a lot. When we got there, he was with a couple of men friends and soon someone suggested we go get something to eat, so we went to a pizza place. While the waitress was cleaning our table, the slightly drunk guy who had started out as my date put his hand on her rear end. She told him to stop that. He did it again and she threatened to call the cops if he did it one more time. We persuaded him to stop so we could eat. While they were paying the bill, the other friend said, "Why don't you dump this jerk and go out with me?" I told him since I'd started with him, I'd stay with him and we all went back to the bar. Shortly, a woman who was apparently his wife or his live-in came in and was furious to see him sitting with me. He followed her outside to keep her from taking his car. Needless to say, I never saw him again, but I dated the other guy for several months, until he asked me to marry him and I said no and we broke up.

— Laura, 36

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