Double Meaning

Let me share with you my one and only: one and only dating disaster that is. I had met this man through the internet. We chatted for 5 months, with occasional phone calls, until he asked me out on a date. He was the nice sort and I had no other affairs, so I agreed. We arranged to meet a fancy-schmancy restaurant with a bar about a half an hour away from my house. I went there on the decided night, around Happy Hour, and start to look for my date - tall, brown hair, average build, and brown eyes. But, I had never even seen a picture of him, so it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. After hopelessly looking around the restaurant for about 15 minutes, I decided to see if I could recognize anyone with his voice. It was such a high-class place and I was so embarrassed to be even thinking of asking all these men if they were my date that I wouldn't even say anything about just looking around for someone I had met through the internet. I merely went up to various tall brown-haired men with average build and brown eyes with some various one-liner, "Hello! How are you? Isn't this a nice evening? What brings you here?" After five seconds of conversation and no success, I'd walk away. But, one of these men I approached that seemed to fit the description apparently was getting the wrong impression that I was interested in him. After repeating a line and seeing if his voice matched my internet man with failure, I turned to walk away. This dude grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to him. I was VERY confused about what was happening. He "seductively" whispered, "I know what you're up to…." I was dumbfounded. Was he insinuating sex? That I was a criminal? Maybe that I wanted to bear his children? I don't know! But, I wrenched my hand out of his grasp and stalked out of the joint. Pretty much needless to say, I was wondered afterward where my date was. Later, I found out he was one of the many men I talked to. Next time (should this ever happen again), I won't be so subtle. I'll blurt it out, if I have to! But never again am I going into a restaurant and asking men questions that seem innocent enough to me and that imply something else to them.

— Charlene, 46

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