He Didn't Believe Her

I was on a date with my boyfriend and we had been going out about 6 months. He had decided to bring his cousin and his cousin's girlfriend. When we got to the restaurant, his cousin sat across from me and my boyfriend by me. Well, my boyfriend and the girl that his cousin was with went too the bathroom. I was there with his cousin and we were eating. Then, he started hitting on me. When my boyfriend got back, I told him about it and his cousin denied it. My boyfriend believed him and that pissed me off. I saw my ex-boyfriend Pete come in. So I went and sat down with him to be able to talk to someone about it. Then, my boyfriend came over and picked a fight wit my ex. We broke up and he left. But now, we are back together and we are about to celebrate our one year anniversary of marriage!

— Regina, 20

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