Beach Blind Date

I was on the internet looking for a guy who would go on a date with me. I started hearing from this guy and he called me a couple of times. He told me he was really sexy, had good manners, a nice family, and so on. So, finally we made a date to meet at the beach. I went there wearing a skirt and a shirt with no sleeves, and I mean none. When I saw him, I was sickened out because he was 278 pounds and was 2 and a half feet wide (fat). He said he really thought I was cute and then he said he had a really good idea … go to nude beach! Of course, I was surprised and, as I was about to say no, he pulled my skirt off and pulled my shirt down too. I smacked him and said he was really fat and I was never going to see him again.

— Martha, 26

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