I am a 62 year old woman with 3 children and an ex-husband whom I divorced recently. I have been seeing other men and for many months, I have enjoyed inviting them over to my house for dinner and 'game night' (I've never ONCE been beaten at Bingo). All of my children are adults now and my ex husband lives in Oregon, so having men over is no problem (I'm constantly buying new games, though). Anyway, I had just met a nice attractive man who was born and raised in my hometown of Queens, New York. Of course, I invited him to my place one night for dinner, dessert, and a game of Monopoly. I had never met a man with such tidy and proper manners. However, I knew something was wrong when I asked him "How are Mickey and Toby? (These were the names of his dog and parrot)" and he responded with "THEY'RE DEAD; SHUT UP." With this, he grabbed me and dragged me into the bathroom. Luckily, he soon blacked out and collapsed on my bathroom floor. I finally made it to my feet and immediately dialed 911. Soon, an ambulance came and rushed Mike to the hospital as I stood in my driveway horrified. The next day, I called the hospital to make sure Mike was okay and they told me that he suffers from MPD or Multiple Personality Disorder. I knew nothing of this disease so they went on to explain that when Mike was in a nervous or frustrating situation, another part of his character or a totally different person would come out replacing Mike's personality as I once knew it. Although Mike was a caring, kind, and considerate young man, 'Doodles' his 'other half' would come out. Doodles was a disturbed man from Europe. I thought this was a very strange thing, especially being since Mike was not from Europe! I was a little frightened by this incident and decided perhaps Mike or Doodles was not for me. Oh well, I'll try again.

— Elizabeth, 62

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