Sand Everywhere

I met this really cute guy outside the local video store. We got to talking, and I decided that I really liked him. Since it was getting late, he offered me a ride home on this motorcycle. After demanding a helmet, we went cruising around instead of going home (since I have never been on a bike and was enjoying every moment of it). We ended up at the beach. We spent the whole night and most of the morning there and went swimming and stuff. I really enjoyed myself except for a little problem, the weather at the beach was really windy and cold, there were no bathroom facilities and the sand was everywhere! As morning came around and he dropped me off at home, I had to deal with hair like a robin's nest, sand in the most embarrassing places, and not to mention, getting incredibly sick! Even though I really didn't want to call him, I decided that I should at least be nice, so I talked to him a few times after that and he admitted to the same difficulties as I experienced when he got home. So I might see him again, but we're not going to the beach!

— Laura, 19

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