Nothing Went To Waste

I had dated this guy a couple of times and he seemed pretty nice. It was my Dad's birthday and the entire family got together at a local restaurant. Things were going well, I thought. That is, until our meals arrived. My date, Roy, scarfed down his food in record time; the rest of us were barely halfway through ours. As each of us finished our meals, Roy would ask, "Are you through with your plate?" The family member would say, "Yes, I am." Then, Roy would reach across the table and grab their plate, put it on top of his, and sit there scarfing up the rest of the family member's meal. We all wanted the floor to open up and just let us fall through the hole! As if this wasn't bad enough, he was quite loud about the fact that he wanted every bite of every morsel left on each plate. The worst of it was the waitress, seeing what was going on and our embarrassment, came over to clear the table. She picked up my Mom's plate to take it away, when Roy, with huge gestures, grabbed the plate away from the waitress and announced, "This meal is costing a lot of money and I can't stand to see all this food go to waste!!!" We all just sat there staring at each other. Needless to say, we never went to dinner with him again.

— Judy, 31

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