No Personality

I went out on a blind date that turned out to be the most miserable 4 hours of my life. It was a nice evening, so we walked around a while before deciding on a movie. It started out with the guy having no personality at all; his life was his very unsuccessful music career. He was 25, with no job and living at home where his mom still cooked for him and did his laundry; and this information was only obtained through my asking him questions and him giving short answers. He never asked my anything, and if I didn't talk it was pure silence. But it was only silent until we got into the movie. We saw a movie with some graphic, gory scenes and some explosions. At EVERYTHING graphic or explosive, he loudly yelled "OH S***!" or "OH MAN!" in the middle of the crowded movie theater. Needless to say, I spent the movie slinking lower and lower into my chair. And if that wasn't enough to ruin the date, after the movie it was almost 11pm and we hadn't eaten dinner, so I suggested a bite to eat because I was starved. He would only go to McDonalds, despite the fact that there were plenty of diners and other food places open. So I sat next to a bum while he ordered a burger to go. That was definitely the end of that; I screened my calls for the next week and didn't return his!

— Danielle, 24

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