Utterly Humiliated

I recently broke up with my boyfriend and needed some time to myself, but a guy from work insisted on taking me out for dinner and a movie. I did not have any really exciting plans, so I politely accepted. He picked me up late, but I didn't really care. He brought roses to make up for it, however, which I thought was very sweet. Note: This was the only sweet thing he did all night. We argued over where we were going to have dinner, finally deciding on Italian. I was practically starving, so when we got to the restaurant, he suggested we go to the bar for a few drinks. While we were sitting there, he informed the waiter that it was our 5-year anniversary. In this restaurant it's a tradition that couples having their anniversary dinners must stand out on the middle of the floor and be sung to. I found it utterly embarrassing. Not only did I look like an idiot, but I also soon found out that my ex-boyfriend was there with his parents. He, of course, came right over and accused me of having had a relationship with this man the entire time we dated. I just sat there in my seat, mortified. Everyone in the restaurant turned in our direction because we were both screaming at each other. My date just sat there and laughed.

— Jen, 30

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