Perfect Jerk

I was a teaching assistant at a university and began dating one of my students towards the end of the semester. After six months, things were going great. I had never been so in love with someone in such a short amount of time. And I had never felt so loved by a boyfriend as he made me feel. He was almost perfect, minus a few minor things that I didn't care about. Right around six months, though, he got offered a job that was a six hour drive away. He had to take the job and leave within 48 hours so we didn't get to decide what to do about us. He said he wanted some time to think, so being in love and not wanting to give up the relationship, I said okay. I offered to move to where he was if he wanted to continue the relationship, but instead he said he needed time to think about our relationship. After three weeks, he still wanted more time. Two more weeks, to be exact. During the three weeks, my birthday came and went without a birthday greeting from him. I had to call him and tell him how crappy he was for not calling me, or even sending a stupid email greeting. Being fed up with him, I decided to not give him the two weeks after all and moved to another state the day after my birthday. I didn't even tell him until I had been gone for over a week. What's worst is that he didn't even seem to care. Just as he really made me feel like he loved me, he really made me feel like he didn't care that it was over. For some reason, the perfect guy I had been dating turned into the perfect jerk. I gave him every opportunity to get out of the relationship, even going so far as to tell him that he could say the words "I don't want to date you anymore" and hang up the phone and it would be okay. But for some reason he would not verbally let go of the relationship to me and instead kept asking for more time while decreasing the number of phone calls and the amount of time we talked when we did.

— Chloe, 24

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