Dishonest Date

I am a divorced 37 year old mother, I was happy not dating and was just enjoying being a mom. My friends thought I needed to meet a nice guy and have a date. So, after several months of hearing this, I put an ad on a local dating internet site. I corresponded with a nice sounding man who was similar to me; long time divorced dad, looking to re-enter the dating scene. He was a nice looking, normal sounding policeman and seemed like everything I was looking for. He was checked out and he seemed safe. We went to dinner and had a nice time and, but as he was taking me home, I was getting nervous about what would happen at the "door". All of a sudden, we were hit on the driver's door by a woman who ran a red light. I was not hurt, but he was. The ambulance and fire department came and he was taken quickly to the hospital. I was asked to stay at the scene and remove his truck from the intersection. Cops working the scene and firemen seemed very nice to me, but acted a bit "off", but I couldn't place my finger on what was wrong. I was at the scene for about 1.5 hours and, after determining his truck was not drivable, I collected keys, important papers, etc. Anything I thought he might need. I went to the hospital with the officer working the scene. We inquired about him and were given his room number in the ER. When we entered the room, he wasn't there, but a lady was. The cop asked her where he was and she said, "They took him to X-ray; he will be back." He then asked her, "Who are you?" "I am his wife," she answered. Well, needless to say, we were both shocked. I handed her everything in my hands, walked out, and called a taxi. I do not know who his wife thought I was or what he told her, but I didn't care. I just got the hell out of that situation. I may never go on a blind date again, but it is true - you can never actually trust anyone to be completely honest with you.

— Renee, 37

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