He Had a Girlfriend

I met this new guy at my college. I was so interested, since he was so cute. We spent the whole day together and did the sort of things very close friends do. First we just hung out at his place, then went hot tubing, and then just sat and talked on his couch. You would have had no idea we just met. So I fell in love in one day, almost. He seemed so perfect. It was a 'too good to be true' moment! Later, when we were just sitting and talking, he told me he has a girlfriend. I didn't know what to say or do anymore, so I just sat and stared at the ground in silence. I was totally heartbroken! Then he has the nerve to tell me not to be so stand-offish. I told him outright, "I don't flirt with other girl's boyfriends." His girlfriend recently dumped him and now I want him back more than ever, but I'm not sure how it will happen or turn out for me.

— Briana, 19

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