Mistaken Identity

I was dating my 18 year-old daughter's math teacher. Now, I should tell you that I had my daughter at age 16 1/2, so I was more like her best friend than mother. I completely trusted her not to do what I did. Well, one night I had invited him over for a dinner with me. After dinner, we started kissing passionately and ended up going upstairs to my bedroom. He started undoing the buttons on my shirt and I let him. After a few minutes, I had to go and get a drink from the bathroom. I had not heard my daughter and her boyfriend come home. She had told him to go upstairs to her room, not knowing I was home. When she went upstairs (I had been in the bathroom at the time), she didn't see him in her room, but saw someone in my room under the covers. So, she went in and, since we look alike, he thought it was me. Well she undressed, and they almost started having sex. I walked in and found them. I turned the light on and they saw who each other was. We were all embarrassed, but now, three years later, I married him and he and my daughter are close. I'm also expecting a child in February.

— Rose, 35

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