The Smelly Date

I met this "supposed to be" college professor from a newspaper ad. He sounded very intelligent and was articulate in speech and seemed like someone I'd like to meet. We agreed to meet at a local well known diner for brunch. The place was really hopping when I got there and I was pretty anxious to meet him. All of a sudden, I heard my name being called. I turned around and was shocked to my toes! I just couldn't believe my eyes! The man (who was a lot older than I thought) looked like a "street person," complete with scraggly beard, bushy eyebrows not groomed, a flannel shirt and pants that looked like he was going fishing soon. And, on top of that, he had yellow teeth and needed a bath badly! Oh...I couldn't tell when he last had a haircut either! I was so embarrassed, it was a good thing no one there knew me. But, here's the "clicker". He really thought he was okay looking like that and made no apologies for his appearance and, oh, did I mention, he needed a BATH? The smell was horrible. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. He walked me to my car and made a remark that, "Oh look, our cars are right next to each other!" (his CAR? It looked like it was ready to take its last BREATH!) He thought it was a sure omen that we were meant for each other. Geez! He really thought he was "all that". I guess that explains why he's never been married. What a waste of time!

— June, 37

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