I'd had my eye on this guy for months, and he finally asked me out. I let him pick the date, and he picked ... the art museum. But I didn't care; I was just happy to get a date with him. Anyway, I figured it would be really easy to start up conversations about the art. And since I also thought we were going to have lunch together, I didn't eat. Well, when we met up, not only did he not pay for the date, but he also revealed that he had already eaten lunch. So I ended up not eating anything. We stayed in the art museum for about an hour, and I struggled to keep the conversation moving because he was a little shy. Every time I asked him a question, he'd give me a short, boring answer, and then we'd get to a dead end. It was really awkward. As it ended up, he kind of tagged along with me while I went around and pretended to be interested in the art. After I sat down next to him on a couch in a back room with no people around, he suddenly decided to come out of his shell a little and start acting more interested. Finally the date was over, and I felt awful. I guess it was just the disappointment of not being able to sustain a good conversation that brought me down. But I decided to give him another chance; I figured he was just shy and needed more time to get comfortable with dating me. Well, I guess that wasn't the case, either; the next day I was going to ask him to go to lunch with me, but when I smiled and waved to him as I spotted him walking toward me, he barely even turned his head. He disappeared, so I couldn't do anything. When I went to a nearby restaurant with some friends who wanted to cheer me up, whom should I see but my date--sitting with a group of women at the table next to ours! I didn't talk to him the rest of the day, and he e-mailed me that night, telling me how boring I was.

— Haley, 31

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