Never Again!

In my first year of college, a very attractive man sat next to me in accounting class. After a few classes, he asked me out. Even though he was obviously about 30 and I was 18, I agreed to go out with him to see a movie. On the first date, I always met guys downtown and did not let them know where I lived, just in case they were creeps. I drove to a restaurant where we had dinner and we took his car to the movie. At the theater, he pulled out a flask and was drinking throughout the movie. He laughed in all of the wrong places and got loud. After the movie, I asked to be taken to my car --- big mistake. We drove away and did not stop until we were in another state. He proceeded to get even more drunk and proceeded to tell me about his military service and war atrocities. He stopped the car in the middle of the road in a remote area, took out the keys and found a bush to relieve himself. I was absolutely terrified of him. He finally turned around and we got back to my car at about 6:00 in the morning. I was very surprised when he actually showed up to class a day later. He asked me in class if I would go out with him again and I gave him an unequivocal NO. He never returned to class after that.

— Sally, 18

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