Cake This!

There was a really hot guy in my college math class. We passed notes and flirted with our eyes for several weeks. Finally, I decided I should make the first move. I told him I needed a study partner for our upcoming exam. So, that Friday, I went to his dorm room where I noticed he had some left over chocolate cake from his roommate's birthday party. I didn't think he would mind if I had a piece, so when we took a study break and he left the room, I sampled some of the cake. While I was eating, he came back in the room. He became violent and started screaming, "What the H--- are you doing? If you wanted some cake, you should have brought your own! You're a thieving, conniving, b----!" He then grabbed me by my hair and proceeded to rub my face in the cake like a bad dog! I was terrified and I ran out of there as soon as I could. He chased me and threw remaining pieces of cake at my back. People just stood and stared. No one wanted to help me. I thought if I could just escape the building, he would stop. But he followed me outside and continued to curse at me, yelling about that stupid cake! To this day I still don't eat chocolate cake. But I did make an A on the math final; and, yes, we're together 2 years later. Now the whole incident is just plain funny!

— Jennifer, 23

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