Psychotic Photography Student

The worst date I ever went on was when I was an Art student in college. I met a male photography student who was quite handsome, articulate, and seemed to be a nice guy. We agreed to go out and see movies at a weekly campus film showing together and everything seemed fine until about 10 minutes after I got into his car. He drove past the campus, telling me that he needed to quickly "pick up something" from the store, and then got onto the freeway headed out of town. He drove about 20 miles and stopped two towns away at a store, where he went inside and purchased film for his camera while I waited in his car. This seemed rather odd to me, but then I thought that perhaps he couldn't get this type of film in our town. But, when he came back to the car, he called me "Linda" (my name is not Linda). By this time, I was pretty sure that the movies had started, and suddenly he began to exclaim, "how great it was that I had come back," and how, "we were going to get married right away," and was still calling me Linda. He talked over anything I said as though I wasn't there at all, and I was getting the creeps from this guy. On the way back, the radiator of his car overheated. He told me to stay in the car, as he had about six empty water jugs in his trunk, and started to walk to the nearest gas station with four of them. We were stuck on a section of highway that abutted a residential area dotted with stores and restaurants. So, as soon as he was out of sight, I slipped off my heels and ran across a field. I climbed over a fence (in a skirt!) and ran through someone's back yard, letting myself out of their gate onto a street. I saw a Denny's restaurant down another street, and inside it was a Highway Patrol officer. I called a friend to ask for a ride using a payphone, and asked the officer if I could sit with him (after explaining the situation). About 20 minutes later, I could see my nutty date driving up and down looking for me. My friend arrived, and I escaped. It still gives me the creeps to think about that guy!

— Theresa, 25

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