Her Sister Ruined the Night

I went on this date because I wanted to get to know this guy more than what I already knew. Since I really didn't know anything about him, I took my sister with me. I did that only because she told me that her friends were going to meet her at the place we were going to. I know that this guy wanted to get to know me also. The first thing that happened was that my sister got drunk off of one drink. She started talking crap out her a**. Next, she tried to shoot pool, knowing damn well she did not know how. She made herself look like a total dumb a**. By this time, I was so fed up with her that I asked when her friends were going to get there. She said that her friends called her before we left and said they were not going to make it after all. I was so pissed off that I apologized for him wasting his time on going to see me. He and I were so pissed at her because the whole night, all we heard her do is say stupid and obnoxious things like, "Do you make enough money to support my sister?" My sister made me have the worst date ever. I won't ever take my sister on another date of mine. I was only doing this so she could get out of the house. He has not talked to me since and I think I know the reason why. This was supposed to be our night, because I really liked him. My sister was the damn third wheel.

— Joannie, 24

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