7-11 Date

I had dated this guy off and on, casually, for several months. He was on disability following a work-related accident (a chainsaw fell out of a tree onto him, that should have been the first clue ... how can a CHAINSAW fall out of a TREE on someone?). Well, he was awarded $20,000.00 in the insurance settlement, and he called and asked me if I would like to go to dinner and told me about the money. I said sure, dressed up nice, and he picked me up. We drove to a nearby coastal town. Once there, he pulled up in front of a 7-11 and asked me, "What do you want for dinner?" I was DUMBSTRUCK. He gets $20,000.00 and takes me to a 7-11 and asks me what I want for DINNER??? What did he want me to say, "A Big Bite and a Slurpee?" I told him I wanted lobster. From the wharf. Now, please. I got it, but never ever dated HIM again.

— Erin, 33

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