Married or Not?

A friend took me out to celebrate my 21st birthday at a local bar where we went to school. After a few rounds, a few guys came over to talk to us that knew her from a party. Carl asked me if my friend had a boyfriend (I thought she did, which I told him, however if I had known she was single, he would have not been my problem). He followed that question up by asking if I was single, I told him I was (which he declared he could not believe), and continued to sweet talk me for the rest of the night, which ended up in some drunken public smooching. He told me he was divorced, which I didn't mind (hey, we all make mistakes), and that he was watching his ex-s dogs for the weekend. My friend and his buddies all trekked out to the house to let the dogs out (which I didn't mind being an animal lover myself). I felt EXTREMELY uncomfortable being his date in his former love nest, so he and I left and went back to my apartment. Something didn't add up, and I questioned him on it. He had said that he had recently moved out of the house, which seemed strange if he was divorced. He admitted that he was GETTING divorced and was not divorced yet. Still buzzed, I didn't care and we made with the smoochies (and thank God, nothing else). When I woke up the next morning with a terrible hangover and some more sense, I realized that if he was telling the truth, I was a little young to be dealing with all that baggage, but more importantly that he probably was lying and was not getting a divorce and just looking for an affair with a young college girl. I canceled the dinner plans we had made for that evening and told him that I could not be in a romantic relationship with him, but I would be willing to be his friend. He agreed, but every time we talked or got together he would tell me how much he wanted to kiss me, and how he pined for me. I finally got so sick of the pathetic whining, that I had my roommate tell him I was out. He finally stopped calling after a few weeks. When I recounted the tale to my other friends, I couldn't remember his last name but thought it started with a "B", and so this adventure was dubbed my home wrecking affair with Carl "B" Married. I've never drank like that since.

— Ashley, 21

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