Whatever She Wants

This story is about the second date I had with this guy I met on the Internet. He was really sweet--not to mention he was a chef. Well, we decided to go to a movie and see "Soul Food" on its opening weekend. Needless to say, when we got there, the lines were huge. We waited in line for 45 minutes, and when we were about three couples from the front, he turned to me and said, "I hope you have money, because I don't have any." I thought he was kidding, but he wasn't. So I told him, "Well, I hope you have enough for your own ticket; I have enough for mine." He told me he didn't, and said that if I paid for the tickets, we could go to the ATM so he could give me my money back. I said he could just buy the snacks. After we went to the ATM, we got in line for snacks. I proceeded to order $25 worth of Twizzlers, Goobers, and Sweet Tarts. The woman behind the counter gave him a horrified look, but he just looked down at his shoes and said, "Just give her what she wants." That statement won him a third date, and we dated for a few months after that.

— Kat, 34

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