Stalone Look Alike ... NOT

I was talking to my sister one night on the phone while she was at work. As we were talking, she told me this guy had come in who looked like Sylvester Stalone. So I said to her, "What the heck, give him my number." He called the next day, and we arranged to go out to dinner. When he came to pick me up, he was acting a little weird and looked nothing like Sylvester Stalone. So, being nice, I went on the date anyway. After dinner, he asked me what I was doing the next day. I told him I was going to see my grandmother and he, out of nowhere, said, "Well, I would like to meet her." Thinking this was weird, I just changed the subject. Not saying much else, I told him I should get home; I needed to get up early. So, we got to my house for him to drop me off and he gets out to walk me to my door. When we got there, he asked if he could break the ice by kissing me. Already weirded out, I said, "No," and then, "Goodbye," and that I would call him. The next day, he unexpectedly showed up at my house. My dad was home that day and I asked him to please tell this guy that I wasn't home. My dad agreed and went outside to tell him. All the while, I was listening from inside the window to this guy telling my dad that I had issues I needed to sort out before HE could ever go out with ME again! The nerve this guy had! Needless to say, I never called or even spoke to him again. This was our first, last, and only date we ever went on.

— Anita, 23

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