Tough Date

A friend of mine talked me into going on a double date with her, her boyfriend, and a friend of his. When they came and picked me up, I found out my date was a farmer, so I tried to strike up a conversation with him by drawing on what little I knew about farming. He would answer me point blank. His answers were not really good conversation, so I tried asking what he enjoyed doing on his spare time. He said nothing. We went to a real nice restaurant, and I ordered a small steak dinner. When the food was delivered to our table, it was tough. He saw me struggling to cut it but did not offer to help. Then we went to the movies. I don't usually expect guys to open the door for me, but it is nice if they do. He opened the door to the movie house, and then he walked in--leaving me two steps behind him, with the door slamming in my face. After the movie, I told my friend to take me home. I never wanted to see my date again.

— Christina, 27

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